Send us your 'first day at school' pics

Claire McGovern


Claire McGovern

First day at school

First day at school

Did you or do you have a little one starting school this week?

For some it might be playschool, for others national school and for the older children it might be embarking on the journey into second level.

No matter which category you fall into there is no doubt that these can be daunting times and as one local lady said to her friend "you bring the tissues!"

But therein lies half the problem. We never know how our child will react on the day. When entering into primary school, or as the young students call it 'big school', kids can be fascinated by the large whiteboard, the desks and be carefully looking for the toys ( hard luck there).

But if we don't know how our child might react then there are those among us who know exactly how they as parents will. Hence the tissues.

But a word of advice. If your child isn't clingy then you are old and wise enough to know that you can't be clingy either. Let them get on with it. Let them chat to their new friends. They are starting  to find their independence and if the teacher asks you to leave don't make a big deal out of it. Say goodbye and let them at it.

Most of us will record the day with pictures and videos and we in the would love for you to submit your photos. We are sure there are some fantastic ones out there and we would love to see them.

You can send them to

And don't forget our photographer Willie Donnellan has begun the mammoth task of travelling to each primary school in the county to take pics of the junior infants for our special annual supplement 'Starting School in Leitrim' which will be free in the paper at the end of September.