Rising childcare costs are crippling families says Cllr Caroline Mulvey

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

How much do you pay for childcare in Leitrim?

Childcare costs in Leitrim

Sinn Fein councillor, Caroline Mulvey is calling for adequate investment in the childcare sector in budget 2018 to alleviate the costs of childcare on struggling families and to provide decent pay and conditions for childcare workers.

Cllr Mulvey said; “Childcare costs are a major issue for families throughout the country.  In a household where both parents work one of the parent’s wages goes to cover childcare cost and in one parent families it is not possible for that parent to pay for childcare and meet other weekly bills.

“While the affordable childcare scheme is a welcome step it does not go far enough to relieve the financial burden on struggling families.  The average support under this scheme is €80 per month I don’t know anywhere that you can get childcare for €80 per week never mind per month.

“The reality is that the childcare sector needs investment from top to bottom including an increase in capital spending for childcare, decent pay for childcare workers and adequate financial support for families who need it."

Cllr Mulvey said that her party wanted to see high-quality, universal childcare made available.

"Affordable, high-quality childcare is the key to the development of our youngest children and it hugely benefits in helping parents, especially women, to access the workforce," she stressed.