So what would you spend the €190m on if you won tonight's Euromillions?

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Second Limerick punter wins big in EuroMillions draw

With the jackpot in tonight's Euromillions draw hitting €190m there will, inevitably, be a surge of desperate people hoping to finally become a multi-millionaire.

So, just in case you do win and you're looking for some ideas on how to spend all that lovely cash, here are some suggestions:

Buy an island

Now you're a multi-millionaire, slumming it in a three bed semi just won't cut it anymore. The solution - buy an island so you can truly get away from it all. Buying an island will also ensure you can isolate yourself from all the blood sucking leeches (otherwise known as your extended family), who will be beating a path to your door looking for handouts before the ink dries on the Lottery cheque.

The guest accommodations on Motu Tane.

We recommend putting an offer down on Motu Tane (which in Tahitian translates as Man's Island) a well known private island in Bora Bora, Tahiti. Formerly the home of French polar explorer, Paul-Emile Victor, it is currently owned by François Nars, artistic director and founder of the well-known cosmetic brand - NARS. The 9.58 acre island boasts architect designed buildings  which "preserve the utmost discretion and privacy for up to 20 guests." (apparently that's important when you're rich).

Best of all it's for sale for just €44,820,000 (leaving you €145m to, you know, survive on, for the rest of your days).

Travel the world on your private yacht

Forget cruise ships, you can now afford your own luxury liner. Lucky you! We suggest you start with something reasonable like Turquoise. This custom build superyacht was first launched in 1994 but offers stunning luxury with space to accommodate up to 12 guests in six decadent suites. Perfect for travelling to and from the aforementioned luxury island.

Fraser Yachts, has Turquoise listed with an asking price of €26,500,000. Perfect!

Don't forget to upgrade the family car

Now you are obscenely wealthy you'll be finally able to stop caring about the appallingly high quotes given by car insurance companies. Go wild and buy yourself a Bugatti Chiron.

Not only will you be impressing the neighbours with the Bugatti Chiron's  sleek lines you'll also have all the power you'll need - 1479 BHP to be exact and it's only a snip at roughtly €22.2m.  Although it's not really child-friendly as there are only two-seats. Clearly you'll have to buy your precious offspring (and the nanny who'll be looking after them) something more practical to travel in, like a Rolls Royce.