New figures show Leitrim among top ten luckiest Lotto counties

More than 23 new Lotto millionaires created in Ireland in 2017

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New figures show Leitrim among top ten luckiest Lotto counties

A Lotto luck in Leitrim.

The National Lottery has created more than 23 new millionaires so far in Ireland in 2017 with Co. Leitrim featuring in the top ten luckiest Lottery winning counties.

Cheques of one million euros or more were written by National Lottery chiefs to 23 winning ticket holders on EuroMillions, Lotto, and Daily Millions draws during the year. 

In addition, another €150 million was paid out this year to lucky players on National Lottery scratch card games.

An analysis of National Lottery top tier draw-based game wins reveals that the biggest prize paid out this year was a massive €88,587,275 on a EuroMillions Jackpot won by a Dublin work syndicate in January.

The highest Lotto win of the year was €12.8 million won by a family from South Dublin in March.

The analysis shows that Dublin was Ireland’s luckiest Lottery County, with more than €128 million paid out to players in 47 high tier wins in EuroMillions, Lotto, Daily Millions and Telly Bingo.

The second luckiest county was Mayo which saw players scoop a total of €31,429,907 in seven big wins.

And Limerick emerged as the third luckiest county with more than €10 million won in five wins.

Cavan €6,974,331 and Westmeath €6,351,501, Leitrim €3,505,000 come in at 6th, 7th and 9th, respectively, in the top ten. 

Staff at Kennedy's Londis, Cartrick-on-Shannon pictured on June 1 last after selling a €2 million winning Lotto jackpot ticket.

National Lottery CEO, Dermot Griffin, said: “This has been an incredibly busy year and we are thrilled to have written cheques for €1 million or more to 22 players so far. Given that many of these wins were shared through syndicates we created more than 23 millionaires in 2017.  It has been great meeting so many of these big winners, and witnessing them enjoy the start of their life-changing wins.”

Mr Griffin added: “We are especially proud that thanks to the support we have received from our players for all our games that we raised over €225 million in good causes this year, or more than €600,000 a day. This money is supporting communities and projects all over Ireland in the areas of health, sport, welfare, arts and culture.”

Figures released by the National Lottery show that:

* The total won on National Lottery prizes in 2017 is over €440m
* Total prize money paid on scratch cards this year is over €150 million
* There were two winners in Ireland of the EuroMillions jackpot in 2017, bringing to eleven the number of winners in Ireland since EuroMillions launched in 2004.
* This was a record year for EuroMillions Plus winners in Ireland with 31 players scooping this €500,000 prize. The previous record was 27 winners in 2009.
* There were 12 Lotto jackpot winners so far sharing over €71m.

Approximately 30 cent in every €1 spent on National Lottery games go back to Good Causes in the areas of sport, youth, health, welfare, education, arts and heritage. In total more than €5 Billion has been raised for Good Causes since the National Lottery was established 30 years ago.

Ireland’s Top Ten luckiest National Lottery counties 2017 - Figures as of mid December

(In brackets - Total Top Tier Wins in Draw based games EuroMillions, Lotto, Daily Millions, Telly Bingo)

1st Dublin (47) €128,592,689

2nd Mayo (7) €31,429,907

3rd Limerick (5) €10,029,158

4th Tipperary (7) €8,748,348

5th Donegal (6) €7,268,319

6th Cavan (3) €6,974,331

7th Westmeath (5) €6,351,501

8th Cork (19) €4,136,126

9th Leitrim (3) €3,505,000

10th Kildare (9) €2,408,993