Leitrim and rural Galway have highest percentage of long work commute in region according to WDC study

Deirdre Frost


Deirdre Frost

A blog post by Deirdre Frost for the Western Development Commission shows that nearly 60% of those living the region have a journey time of less than 30 minutes to work. However the research also shows Leitrim (55%) and County Galway (47.6%) have less people commuting less than 30 minutes, reflecting the fact there are fewer job opportunities closer to home.

According to the findings, most workers living in the Western Region travel to work by car 69%, either as a driver or passenger and this is higher than the national average of 62.4%. Only Galway city has a lower than national average rate of car use (58.3%).

Travel to work by public transport is very low across the Western Region which is unsurprising considering the very low available of such services, especially in rural areas.

For the full blog post see here.