HSE must provide adequate rehabilitation services for stroke survivors in Leitrim says Leitrim councillor

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Cllr Caroline Mulvey

Sinn FEin County councillor, Caroline Mulvey, is calling on the HSE to provide adequate rehabilitation services for stroke survivors in Leitrim.

Speaking to the Leitrim Observer, Cllr Mulvey said; "I have been made aware that there are major differences in the aftercare that stroke survivors receive depending on where they live and which hospital they attend.  If you have a stroke and are brought to Cavan Hospital and providing that you don’t require long term care as a result of the impairment from the stroke, you may have the option of receiving up to two weeks rehabilitation in the Monaghan Rehabilitation Unit.

"However if you are brought to Sligo University Hospital, there is no option of a Rehabilitation Unit.  Stroke survivors who are discharged from Sligo University Hospital have to rely on community health services to provide rehabilitation such as physiotherapy and speech therapy.

"Sligo University Hospital needs community beds for rehabilitation care in order to provide adequate rehabilitation services to stroke survivors and other patients who require rehabilitation after a prolonged period in hospital.  Putting these people on waiting lists for physiotherapy and speech therapy in their local communities is unacceptable and is bad for the patient’s recovery.

"I am aware of a number of stroke survivors in the South Leitrim area who are currently waiting for physiotherapy and speech therapy, while these patients may be prioritised on the waiting list they still have to wait and do not receive the same service they would get in a Rehabilitation Unit which they need to improve their chances of full recovery."