Public meeting in Rooskey postponed due to weather

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter


Public meeting in relation to Shannon Key West Hotel in Rooskey

Shannon key West Hotel, Rooskey

Due to the continued and worsening inclement weather, tonight's scheduled public meeting on the Shannon Key West Hotel has been postponed to next Tuesday, March 6 at 8pm. The venue  of Rooskey Community Centre remains the same.

The Directors of Paradub Limited, the company purchasing the Shannon Key West Hotel, had called the Public Meeting in Rooskey Community Centre to address the matter of rumours which have have been circulating for over 12 months about the intended use of the property as a centre for asylum seekers.

The purchasers believe an application has been made to the Department of Justice in this regard and in the circumstances it is highly important that the public attend and meet the purchasers with a view to addressing the serious concerns which have been raised in the locality.