10 extra places on Rural Social Scheme for Leitrim

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Fine Gael Deputy for Rocommon/South Leitrim, Frank Feighan.

Senator Frank Feighan.

Fine Gael Senator, Frank Feighan has confirmed that  10 extra places will be allocated on the Rural Social Scheme (RSS) in Leitrim.

This will bring the total number of current places on the RSS in the county to 131.

“The new places will provide support to more low-income farmers enabling them to carry out valuable community-based work and thereby helping to deliver on a Programme for Government commitment to rural Ireland," he told the Leitrim Observer.

"At the outset, I would first like to reiterate my support, and that of the Government, for the Rural Social Scheme.  In recognition of the valuable work undertaken in rural communities under the RSS, I am very pleased to announce that an additional 10 places will be made available in Leitrim under the Scheme.

“It will be delivered at local level here by Leitrim Integrated Dev Co Ltd. This is part of a national allocation of 250 extra places as announced by my Fine Gael Colleague, Minister for Social Protection Regina Doherty. Overall this represents an increase of over 28% in the places available under the RSS in the past two years – from 2,600 to 3,350.

“The RSS has established itself at the centre of rural life here in Leitrim. Significantly, it also supports participants to remain involved in farming or fishing in their local areas."

The work carried out under the Scheme helps to support countless sports clubs, community services and rural facilities. It is also an important source of extra income to farmers and fishermen who may be working in agriculture or fishing on a part-time basis and who have a low income. It also gives them an opportunity to develop new skills.

Participants provide 19.5 hours a week on a local rural or community project in a return for a top-up on their social welfare payments.