No casual trading site allocated to Glencar

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Glencar Waterfall to close as Leitrim County Council begin operation to save iconic landmark

No casual trading site has been allocated to Leitrim's tourist hotspot, Glencar in the new Casual Trading Byelaws 2019.

Leitrim County Council adopted a new draft Casual Trading Byelaws 2019 in relation to the control, regulation, supervision and administration of casual trading in the county this month.
The council said they needed to “tidy up” their casual trading locations which sees the removal of a number of bays around the county including four in Manorhamilton and two in Drumkeerin, but there was no new casual trading bay added to Glencar despite a number of submissions received.

The Council says it’s been years since the laws were updated and many of the bays are not in regular use anymore.
Causal trading means selling goods on the public road or at a place where the public has access and includes market stalls and food vans.
Drumkeerin councillor, Padraig Fallon, queried what were the benefits of removing locations, “I don’t see any harm with them.”
He also asked about the need for a new casual trading site at Glencar.

Director of Services Joseph Gilhooly said the casual trading byelaws were being upgraded as there is “no demand” in some areas.
He stated that Glencar is currently not part of the draft casual trading byelaws.
It was also outlined that casual trading related to “one day per week, not seven days a week.”
The council received 16 submissions in total in relation to the casual trading byelaws, six of these related to Glencar but none were received from any operators or any perspective operators of a causal trading licence.

Cllr Padraig Fallon expressed his disappointment that the changes would not include a bay at Glencar where he said there’s strong local support to retain the ice-cream van there.
Cllr Fallon and Cllr Frank Dolan said a long term casual trader operating there “added” to the tourist area which attracts over 100,000 people every year.
The council said it was not as “simple” as adding a new casual trading site, a public consultation would need to take place first.

Cllr Fallon was adamant that the issue needs to be sorted urgently and proposed a bay at the site, he said it was the “ideal opportunity to raise it.”
Leitrim County Council said there are still legal procedures ongoing and that the issue could not be dealt with at this month's meeting.

The new byelaws also added the selling of cabbage plants to the classes of selling specified. Fees for casual trading are €400 in Carrick-on-Shannon €200 at other locations in Leitrim.
The new byelaws are available to view online at and in Leitrim County Council Offices in Carrick-on-Shannon.