Danger rating for forest fires upgraded to Orange

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Shot of the raging fire which engulfed the dromahair area and was attended by several units of the fire birgade.

The danger rating for forest fires has been upgraded to Condition Orange by the Department of Agriculture.

Temperatures are set to rise from today over the week and coupled with dry conditions, the dangers of fires starting and spreading are high.

Recently, several acres of woodland were damaged as a result of a forest fire in Dowra in West Cavan with local Gardaí continuing to investigate the incident.

The warning will remain in place until 12pm on Wednesday May 30th.

The Department said, "An increased ignition risk is associated with increased human activity in high risk areas owing to fine weather, particularly areas associated with turf cutting activities and areas adjacent to urban centres. Recently increased live growth in upland vegetation, low to moderate wind speeds and localised high humidity may moderate fire behaviour where conditions permit.”

Forest owners, farmers, rural dwellers are asked to be extremely vigilant regarding fire activity, to report any suspicious or illegal activity to the gardai and to report all fires immediately to the Fire and Emergency Services via 112/999.