Sunshine set to continue in Leitrim

Leitrim Observer reporter


Leitrim Observer reporter


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Good weather set to continue.

Patches of mist and fog will clear this morning to give a warm and mostly sunny day. Dry in most parts but a few isolated heavy, and possibly thundery, showers may develop in the west during the afternoon and evening. Highs of 23 to 26 Celsius in light easterly breezes but sea breezes will develop locally keeping the temperatures a little cooler in some coastal parts.

Dry tonight with clear spells and light breezes. Patches of mist and fog will develop locally and temperatures will dip to between 11 and 13 Celsius.

Wednesday will be a dry day with a mix of cloud and long sunny spells. Any mist or fog will clear during the morning and it will become warm with highs of 22 to 25 Celsius.