Carrick-on-Shannon District Court

Mohill man sentenced to 6 months

"This is not going to be tolerated" - Judge

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news reporter


A Mohill man who the Judge said is part of a gang in the town was sentenced to six months in prison for assaulting another man.

Appearing before Carrick-on-Shannon District Court last Friday on a plea of guilty was Kyle McGee, 5 Hyde Terrace, Mohill charged with assault causing harm to Martin McDonagh on August 25, 2017 at Glebe Street, Mohill.

Mr McDonagh said he got “a severe beating” from Mr McGee and had to have 20 sutures applied in hospital.

Mr McDonagh said he and his brother and first cousin were on the street near the mart wall drinking a few bottles when they were approached by Kyle McGee and his friends.

“He hit me into the face with his fist and I ran. I was tripped and three of them leathered into me,” he said.

Mr McDonagh said he had to put his head under a parked car to avoid it being kicked. He said there was no explanation for the attack and said he had to go to hospital in Sligo where he received 20 sutures and had to get his shoulder “done.”

Asked by Mr McGee's solicitor, John McGuinness, if he had thrown a bottle at his client, Mr McDonagh said no. He said there was no history between them. He said Mr McGee approached him, he couldn't remember what was said but then all of a sudden Mr McGee hit him.

Mr McGuinness said Mr McGee made a full admission and cooperated fully. He described it as “a total tipping point” for him.

In his evidence, Kyle McGee said Mr McDonagh was “roaring abuse at me every time I was walking home.” He said it has been going on since he was 15 and he was sick of it.

“They were stone drunk roaring abuse and I was just fed up with it,” he said.

Asked what was said to him, Mr McGee said he couldn't recall. He said he was on the other side of the street and he and Mr McDonagh met in the middle of the road.

Thomas McDonagh, the defendant's brother, said they were minding their own business when Mr McGee and three others approached them and bumped into them.

He said there is no history between them but described them as “bullies and a gang” and said “they are jumping out of cars and beating people.”

Judge Kevin Kilrane said he was satisfied Kyle McGee, without provocation and without warning, assaulted Mr McDonagh and his friends.

“He's part of a gang and this is going to stop, this is not going to be tolerated,” the Judge said and noted that Mr McGee showed absolutely no remorse.

He convicted and sentenced him to six months in prison.

“This type of assault will stop and be warned if there is any retaliation by his friends,” he said.

Recognisances were fixed in the event of an appeal.