376 Leitrim father take up paid paternity leave

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

The number of fathers in Tipperary who have taken paternity leave revealed

376 Leitrim fathers have benefited from paid paternity benefit scheme so far.

Fine Gael Deputy Tony McLoughlin said, “The current rate of Paternity Benefit is €240 per week. Following Budget 2019, this will increase to €245 per week from the week beginning 25 March 2019.

“This will afford new Dads the opportunity to be more involved at the earliest stages of a child’s development, which is important for the whole family. It is great to hear that there has been good take up of the scheme so far, with over 51,000
paternity benefits being awarded since the scheme came in on the 1st September 2016. This includes some 4,100 self-employed people.

“I am encouraging prospective fathers to continue to sign up for Paternity Benefit and I think they will find the application process to be clear and simple. They will require a Public Service Card in order to apply, and if they are an employee, they need to give four weeks’ notice to their employer to qualify for the accompanying Paternity Leave.

“Fathers who fulfil the PRSI requirements are eligible for Paternity Benefit when they take two weeks of Paternity Leave at any time within the first 26 weeks of their child’s life, or following adoption. All the information on how to apply for Paternity Leave, and how to get your Public Service Card, is available at www.welfare.ie/paternitybenefit.

“Paid paternity leave was a key commitment in Fine Gael’s manifesto in advance of the last election as part of our overall efforts to support parents at work and make childcare more affordable. Fine Gael in Government is now using the resources from our strong economy to deliver on that commitment,” the Fine Gael Assistant Government Whip said.