Six year backlog for Leitrim private road scheme

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey

Six year backlog for Leitrim private  road scheme

Leitrim LIS Scheme

Applications for the Leitrim LIS (Local Improvement Scheme) are closed and recent applications received this year will be returned to the senders.

Members at the Ballinamore Municipal District meeting were this week told Leitrim has 140 applications and it may take up to six years to get through them.
Leitrim County Council members will fully debate the local LIS scheme, which is a programme that assists the local authority to maintain private lanes and roadways, in January. The initial sense from Ballinamore is that councillors are not happy that the scheme is closed and that applications sent in this year will be not be accepted.

Cllr Paddy O’Rourke said “no county is as dependent on private laneways as Leitrim” and he disagreed with the plan to send back applications received this year. Neighbouring counties are still open to applications.
Senior Council Engineer Shay O’Connor said the scheme is closed in Leitrim as it is unfair for people to apply for a scheme and be told there is a six year waiting list.

He told members they have lobbied the Department for more money and “there are well aware of our situation.”
The issue is of course a lack of funding. In 2009 Leitrim County Council received €1.5million for LIS schemes, while last year they received just €550,000.
The scheme had been suspended for a number of years inbetween - hence the backlog.
The issue will be discussed by the full council meeting in January.

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