Sean McGowan has been elected on the first count in the Carrick-on-Shannon area

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Cllr Sean McGowan has been elected

First count results for  the Carrick-on-Shannon Electoral Area:
Electorate: 9027

Total poll: 5729

Spoiled votes: 69

Total Valid Poll: 5660

Quota: 809

Armstrong McGuire (FG) 615

Cox (FF) 639

Farrell (FF) 550

Guckian (Ind) 530

Hollidge (Ind) 268

Logan (SF) 406

McGowan (FF) 847

Mulligan (FG) 690

O'Brien (Ind) 89

O'Hora (GP) 103

Stenson (Ind) 729

Wynne (Ind) 194

Sean McGowan (FF) has reached the quota and has been deemed elected. His surplus of 38 votes is now being distributed.