Leitrim to be announced in new Garda division today

Current Sligo Leitrim garda division is expected to be merged with Donegal

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

The number of garda regions and divisions are set to be reduced while local units will be given more power as part of a major reform of the force set to be announced today.

New plans for the organisation of An Garda Síochána will see the number of garda regions reduce from six to four and the number of divisions fall from 28 to 19.

It has been previously reported that the current Sligo Leitrim garda division will be merged with Donegal.

It’s expected that the chief superintendents in charge of the new divisions will be given more powers and allocated four superintendents to oversee a more community-based approach to policing in Ireland.

Two of these superintendents are expected to be responsible for community engagement, while one superintendent will be in charge of crime policing and another will oversee the performance of police work.

However, it is understood that garda unions and higher-ranking gardaí are concerned at the proposals.

The expected changes will be announced by Garda Commissioner Drew Harris in Dublin this morning.

The proposals follow a number of recommendations by the Commission of Policing in Ireland last year, when the creation of a new district policing model was proposed in an extensive report on the future of policing in Ireland.

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