John McCartin told ‘resign or be shot’

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

John McCartin told ‘resign or be shot’

Chairman of QBRC and Director of QIH John McCartin

Newtowngore businessman John McCartin said he and his family are concerned for their safety as the “vendetta” continues against QIH directors.

Chairman of QBRC, the parent company of QIH, Mr McCartin told the Leitrim Observer that Kevin Lunney was warned during his torture to tell all directors “resign or be shot”

He said “Gardai have not spoken to me or my family about security since this incident.”
Meeting with the Leitrim Observer on Tuesday afternoon, he stated “Gardai do not know my whereabouts,” or the location of the other directors, Liam McCaffrey and Dara O'Reilly.
When asked if he has had to make changes to his own family's security, John shrugged, “I have no experience of defence or security, I have never been in a fight in my life.” He is asking on the state to provide some comfort to allow his young family to feel safe in their community.

John explained the QIH board of directors were due to have a scheduled meeting last Wednesday morning.
Investors who appointed the QIH board were travelling, some from the USA, when the news broke. They all returned home immediately.
When asked does he know the reason for the escalation of violence, the father of five said “there has always been the promise - the threat of violence.”
John McCartin has had five threats made against him, some verbal, some written.

He said there has been a “systematic failure” that threats, acts of violence and intimidation have been allowed to go on.
“If this happened to anyone else - if this was in Dublin there would be army on the streets. This is not the sort of stuff that happens along the border, our families and the community deserves better.”

What of the future for QIH?

“The business must continue, if we resign, those jobs are gone, all 850 of them. Anyone who thinks different is disillusioned.”
Mr McCartin said while he wants to see arrests and the perpetrators of this attack brought to justice, he believes the vendetta will not stop until the person who is financing it is apprehended.

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