QIH call for special cross-border task force after meeting with Drew Harris

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Quinn Industrial Holdings condemns arson attack at the home of senior manager

QIH welcomes today’s meeting with Garda Commissioner Harris and a recent increase in resourcing following the savage abduction and torture of Kevin Lunney.

In a statement to the paper this evening, the company said "Progress is being made. Last Friday was the first time since QIH’s establishment almost 5 years ago that its management was not exposed to intimidatory signage or defamatory facebook pages.  The tragedy is that the impetus for this action was a violent attack on Kevin.

"However, QIH directors and their families continue to live in fear.  The community and staff of QIH need to see positive action now to give them the confidence to speak out against those perpetrating this campaign of intimidation.

"The directors of QIH, the staff and the community are putting their trust in the police services and authorities on this island but they need to see the perpetrators and more importantly the paymaster brought to justice in the short term.

"We noted to the Commissioner our concerns that prior to the most recent attack on Kevin, appropriate resources and attention were not applied to addressing the multitude of acts of intimidation and violence against QIH directors and staff. We also expressed our concern that failure to bring the orchestrator and paymaster of this campaign to justice would leave this peaceful community in a limbo status of fear and paralysis that would undermine the local economy and the rule of law and order in this region.

"We called for robust policing of the region and for the urgent establishment of a dedicated special cross-border, highly resourced task force, to deliver for this region what was achieved in respect of directed criminal activity elsewhere."

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