Injuction granted against Ballinamore Community Group protesters

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Injunction granted

High Court

The High Court has granted an injuction today (November 15) preventing protesters interfering with works to complete the  apartment complex at the Rock Quarter, Ballinamore according to the national media.

Among those injuncted from protesting outside The Rock Centre includes Cllr Ita Reynolds Flynn, Gordon Hughes, Brian Cribbin, Adrian Smith, Fred Walsh and Desmond Wisley. The injunction notice will be posted at the building and will apply to all other protesters.

Mr Justice Max Barrett said having heard an ex-parte (one side only) application on behalf of the property owners, Remcoll 2 ltd, he was "unhesitatingly" granted the application.

Counsel for the applicant detailed an attempt to set a fire at the building and Paul Collins, chief executive of Remcoll said builders attempting to gain access have been intimidated and most have refused to carry out finishing works. A night security worker told of being verbally abused, pushed and filmed by protesters.

Mr Justice Barrett granted ordered restraining the named  defendants and all others besetting or trespassing on the property or impeding access. The injuction also prevents them filming or recording Remcoll's staff or agents and from posting the footage on the internet. The case comes back to the High Court next week.