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Wife beaters can expect no mercy says Judge Kilrane following Carrick-on-Shannon incident

Court Reporter


Court Reporter

Wife beaters can expect no mercy says Judge Kilrane following Carrick-on-Shannon incident

Carrick-on-Shannon Courthouse

Rimantas Vaicekauskas of 13 Ros Airgead, Liscara, Carrick-on-Shannon was convicted of assault causing harm when he appeared before Judge Kevin P Kilrane at last week’s sitting of Carrick-on-Shannon District Court and was sentenced to six months in prison, the final four of which are suspended.

A victim impact statement prepared by the defendant’s former partner was read in court by Garda Clara Calvey in which she said she suffered minor injuries to the side of her face.

In the victim impact statement she said she is “now free to enjoy life” adding she was “afraid of her partner for years.”

Outlining the events of the incident which occurred at 13 Ros Airgead on November 13, 2019, the victim said, through an interpreter, that Mr Vaicekauskas was initially saying mean words and when she replied, he hit her.

She said she got a few smacks in the face and mouth with a closed fist.

When asked about her injuries she said she suffered no black eyes but did experience headaches.

The defendant was also said to have thrown a basket of cat food in the direction of the injured party but this did not hit her.

Defending solicitor Niamh McGovern said Mr Vaicekauskas moved from Lithuania to Ireland and lost his job in construction due to alcohol.

She added he has been remanded to Castlerea prison where “he has had time to think. He wants to ask for her forgiveness and to apologise.”

Having heard the evidence against the defendant, Judge Kilrane said: “He was fuelled with alcohol. The defendant is a wife beater and those types of people can expect no mercy from the court.

“She is a very forgiving lady, she just wants rid of him.”

Judge Kilrane referred to the defendant’s words when arrested - ‘yes I did and I’ll do it again’. Judge Kilrane noted: “he is certainly a violent person with alcohol.”

Judge Kilrane imposed a conviction and a six month sentence, back dated to November 26, 2019, the date he first went into custody.

The final four months of the sentence were suspended on condition that he stays away from the victim and has no contact with her for a period of two years.