Irish Water are ‘ripping roads apart’ in Leitrim

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Leitrim Observer Reporter

Irish Water

Irish Water

Irish Water are being called to attend a meeting with Leitrim County Councillors to answer a number of recurring questions.

Cllr Caillian Ellis called this week for the council to request Irish Water to replace the water mains from Carrick-on-Shannon to Ballinamore.
The Fenagh councillor said “every week there is a burst on the line.” He said a burst effects a huge number of people directly on the line as well as group water schemes.

He said it is unfair that people are left without water at no notice. “Sunday to Monday every week we have issues with this pipe.”
Cllr Ellis went on to say that due to the increasing repair work needed on the line, Irish Water are digging up roads and leaving them in a mess.

He said in his own village “the work was covered up with just tar and chips - it is not good enough, good money has been spent on these roads by the council.”
Independent Cllr Gerry Dolan added to the woes saying he knows of one private road that has been “ripped up” by Irish Water doing maintenance, he said the residents on the road put together some money and fixed up the damage to their road, only for their work to be “torn and ripped again.”

Cllr Dolan added he has been in contact with Irish Water, to no success. He said it is not right that residents should “bare the cost of Irish Water's work.”
He went on to say this is not an isolated issue and Irish Water are “ripping roads apart” all over the county without repairing them fully.

Director of Service Vincent Dwyer said there is a “process Irish Water must follow” and added that any “temporary” solution should be followed up with a permanent resurface later on.
Sinn Féin Cllr Brendan Barry read out correspondence he received from Irish Water saying a 2.5km section from Keshcarrigan to Fenagh has been “flagged for prioritisation” under rehab by the Water Networks team. The email informed Cllr Barry this would go to construction in 2020 and is part of an “overall plan to renew approximately 10km of the trunk main along the R209.”

However Senior Engineer with Leitrim County Council Darragh O'Boyle dampened the hope of such works happening this year by saying “I don't think that will happen this year.” He believes the Keshcarrigan to Fenagh pipe will not be constructed in 2020.
The council also heard that Irish Water have recently “amended their Capital Programme” with Cllr Paddy O'Rourke adding that this would see a reduction in spending.
According to Irish Water they have plans to upgrade wastewater treatment plants in Ballinamore, Drumshanbo, Carrigallen and Leitrim Village, while they are currently working in Carrick-on-Shannon to reduce leakages and are replacing a water mains in Mohill.

No time frames for the completion of these projects have been published.

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