Leitrim Early Childhood Professionals on protest in Dublin today

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Leitrim Early Childhood Proffessionals on protest in Dublin today

Workers from Ballinamore Childcare Ltd

Many playschools, montessoris and childcare facilities are closed today across Leitrim as workers take to the streets in Dublin to demand more pay.

SIPTU launched the ‘Big Start’ campaign because professional workers deserve professional pay.

They say, "Parents are paying too much for childcare. Workers are paid too little to make ends meet. Providers are struggling to break even. Everyone is getting a raw deal. We need a strong movement to come together to demand change.

"For children and parents we want quality and affordable services. By bringing together workers, parents and childcare providers we can ensure that government makes the necessary investment to make this a reality.

A responsible government that values every child would recognise every Early Years professional."

They are seeking double the funding to ECEC services on an incremental basis over the lifetime of the next government, starting in September 2020, bringing Ireland closer to the EU average.

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