Strong transfer between Leitrim independents in the sixth count here in Sligo/Leitrim

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Sligo/Leitrim candidate profile: Sean Wynne (Independent)

Sean Wynne has secured 222 transfers from Bernie O'Hara in the sixth count.

There has been a significant transfer of votes between Leitrim candidates Bernie O'Hara and Sean Wynne in the sixth count of the Sligo/Leitrim constituency this morning.

A strong transfer was expected between the two because both share a strong pro-life commitment and strong focus on rural concerns. In the end Sean Wynne netted 222 votes from O'Hara's transfers. Bernie O'Hara was eliminated following the fifth count.

The results are as follows after the sixth count:

Declan Bree IND 2701

James Conway IND 1635

Nessa Cosgrove LAB 1305

Shane Ellis FF 2985

Frankie Feighan FG 5536

Bláithín Gallagher GP 2052

Marian Harkin IND 7691

Marc Mas Sharry FF 7403

Gino O'Boyle PBP 2487

John Perry IND 1453

Eamon Scanlon FF 6434

Thomas Walsh FG 4857

Sean Wynne IND 1820

Non transferable: 89

Labour candidate Nessa Cosgrove has been eliminated from the running and her vote of 1305 will now be distributed in the seventh count.