Dromod Boxty’s donation to Meals on Wheels

Philip Rooney


Philip Rooney

Dromod Boxty’s  donation to Meals on Wheels

Amidst the closures, confusion and panic there have been numerous acts of kindness as communities and businesses have come together to help one another out in this trying time.

Dromod Boxty is one such business. Last week they donated food to the local Meals on Wheels service in Drumsna with Aine Faughnan outlining the reasons behind the gesture.

“I saw online that the Meals on Wheels were having to help out more people than they normally would because of the situation. We’re actually quite busy, because obviously people need to eat, and I felt that it was good to give back while people are struggling.

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“It wasn’t a big deal at all, it was only two boxes of product but to them it meant an awful lot which was nice and hopefully it’ll get other people to do the same because people sometimes don’t think to do that.

“It’s important when you are doing well to help out where you can.”

Aine was in no way looking for pats on the back or extra publicity for her business saying: “I didn’t expect anyone to put it up online and when they asked me for a picture I initially said ‘don’t put it anywhere’ because that’s not why I did it!”

Aine added it is important in these difficult times to help out if you are in a position to do so.

“There is a lot of good stuff going on like the Feed the Heroes campaign online. It’s just helping where you can.”

The global pandemic has affected practically every industry with Aine noting: “There might be a time in a couple of weeks, God forbid, if anything happens that we might be shut for a few weeks.

“When you can help I think it is important to do so and I don’t want to look back and think people were struggling and we could have done something.”

As well as donating food locally, Aine also highlighted the importance of helping out businesses that are still open saying:

Even the local food businesses that are doing take away, I am trying where I can to get takeaways so that it will support them.

“They are struggling as well and they are trying to pay staff; try to buy vouchers in the local beauticians or places where they can still get vouchers. It’s really good to come together and support each other as much as you can.”