House buyers ‘ready to go’ after lockdown

Leitrim Observer reporter


Leitrim Observer reporter


House buyers ‘ready to go’ after lockdown

REA Brady have had a steady stream of enquiries from both local buyers and buyers further away in Ireland and abroad.

Lockdown has obviously hit the property business in the same way as it has hit many others. If we can’t physically move, not a lot gets done.

However, at REA Brady they are bucking the trend and quite a bit has been going on. All of their staff are set up to work from home and all of their properties continue to be marketed on multiple websites in the UK and Ireland.

During lockdown, people have had more time on their hands to consider their life plans and act on some of their long-term ambitions. As a result, REA Brady have had a steady stream of enquiries from both local buyers and buyers from further away in Ireland and abroad.

This period of reflection has given people time to consider how and where they live and in many cases the outcome of those considerations is that they want to move to a healthier and more balanced life. Moving out of urban locations and urban commutes being central to that balance. Also reducing their cost of living is a significant factor. For many housing-accommodation is one if not their biggest costs. This is driving enquires to REA Brady.

As spokesperson for REA Brady explains: “In Leitrim, Roscommon and Longford, we have a distinct advantage. Our property values are among the lowest in Ireland and as a result the most competitive. REA Brady are reaching these buyers where they live via their extensive presence on multiple property portals. Many of these buyers are not locally connected and are not location specific, they just want to move to a better and more balanced life style.

“REA Brady report that these enquires are accumulating and lockdown has prevented these buyers from travelling or moving forward. They’re just waiting for a green light to start viewing properties. For many of this group, their decision is made. It’s not, will they buy, it's which property will they buy?”

REA Brady are eager to speak to any vendors seeking to sell their property in the next few months. They have buyers that are read to go. REA Brady can be reached at 071 9622444 or