Leaving Cert 2020 to recognise exceptional students

- Results out next Monday, September 7 -

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Leaving Cert 2020 to recognise exceptions students

Leaving cert results out next Monday, September 7

Leaving Certificate students in Leitrim will receive their anticipated calculated results next Monday, September 7.

Students will receive fresh details this week over how the calculated grades process has been adjusted to try to make results as fair and accurate as possible.

Teachers’ estimated marks will carry a much greater weight in the Irish system compared to the UK one which has come under much criticism last week, the marks will be in the form of percentages rather than grade bands and the system is designed to allow for exceptional students to be recognised, even in a class or school which has historically under-performed.

This is good news for talented students who sometimes are penalised due to historical school performance. There have been concerns expressed that standardised results would unfairly discriminate against poorer students.

The exact mark which teachers gave their students will not be published until after the Leaving Cert results are awarded.
It is also not clear how third level institutions will operate this term, leading to confusion around the need to book accommodation.

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