Mohill plan creates ample and efficient use of spaces says architects

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Mohill  plan creates ample and efficient use of spaces says architects

Mohill Town Picture: Willie Donnellan

Sheridan Woods Architects & Urban Planners who created the Public Realm Design for Mohill say the plan allows “ample” parking spaces in a more efficient manner.

They note in their report “Parking spaces are not designated with the exception of two areas, and as a result parking occurs haphazardly, in a disorderly and inefficient manner. Furthermore, we note that existing off-street car parking at Glebe Street is underutilised.”

The plan seeks to improve and enhance pedestrian access to the car park which is located just 80m from Main Street, or less than a one minute walk.

The design “reorganises the existing car parking to create more orderly and designated / lined car parking spaces. This will enhance the efficient use of these spaces. It is also proposed to improve pedestrian access to the existing off-street parking spaces.” They state the layout ensures that “there is ample car parking” provided throughout the town.
The architects say there will be a total of 133 delineated spaces including Glebe Street car park.

The plan also anticipates that residents in Mohill will shift from car to foot and bicycle to access local services, which will further reduce the car parking demand on the main streets.

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