Man "can count himself very lucky" as disqualification removed

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news reporter

Carrick-on-Shannon District Court hears motorcyclist cleared of careless driving  “very lucky to be with us”

Carrick-on-Shannon courthouse

A local man who had been convicted of careless driving had his disqualification removed on appeal to the Circuit Court in Carrick-on-Shannon last week.

Garda Declan McCann gave evidence of seeing Jake Feely, 10 Shannon Geal, Carrick-on- Shannon, Co Roscommon driving at 12.28am on October 7, 2018, at Cortober, Carrick-on-Shannon.

He drove out from the Elphin Road, across the roundabout and continued over the bridge into Carrick-on-Shannon.

Garda McCann said the car was being driven erratically. There were two men in the front of the car. It indicated right on the bridge and then swung out onto the road before turning left and then left again into the car park of Cryan's Hotel.
He said the car's back wheel mounted the kerb and narrowly missed people standing on the footpath.

Garda McCann ran over and saw two males get out of the car and the driver run down an alleyway and attempt to open an emergency door. The door was locked and he turned to the garda and said 'You got me.'

Judge John Aylmer said the appellant was driving faster than he ought to be past patrons standing outside the hotel and narrowly missed them.

He said he had a clear picture of Mr Feely's driving as “most careless” and was driving too fast and beyond that which a careful driver would proceed.

The court heard Mr Feely was 26 at the time and is now 28. He works as a delivery driver and also part time in a pub. He also works on his own farm and on the family farm and his licence is very important to him. He has no previous convictions.

Judge Aylmer said that as it was a first offence he would accede to a request to remove the disqualification but said Mr Feely should consider himself lucky on the view the court formed.

He said five penalty points will follow and it was “sufficient to mark the occasion.” He duly removed the disqualification.