Leitrim Guardian 2021 - the most interesting one yet

Andy Redican


Andy Redican


Leitrim Observer Drumkeerin correspondent and local author

Leitrim Guardian 2021 is in the shops now!

Circumstances were to ordain that this correspondent has time on his hands so he was delighted to have the 2021 Leitrim Guardian to read through.

I believe it is the most interesting of all the Guardians. There is wonderful variety and it takes one into most communities in the county. There are quite a few articles and snippets that will be of particular interest for Drumkeerin readers.

Our Editor and Creevelea resident, Blaithin Gallagher, has captured the amazement, the anxiety and fears that the locals felt when the mudslide swept down onto the lowlands.

Stephen Feeney, we recall for his prowess in football and stage. He has written where "Where Evening Shadow Falls". There is an article on Drumkeerin Friendship Club. Once again we see Sean McPartlin's love for Kinship and the old ancestral homestead in Drumnafaughna in his story "Streets of New York".

Finally fond memories of the great Mary McPartlan are awakened in the snippet "Mary McPartlan". Congratulations to Blaithin, the Editor and her committee in producing such a fine " Leitrim Guardian" considering how Covid-19 made it difficult to assemble. Well done Leitrim Guardian officers and committee.