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The Body Coach Joe Wicks' PE classes are back for lockdown

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Joe Wicks the Body Coach

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The Body Coach Joe Wicks will return to help the nation get fit during lockdown.

Wicks' early morning workouts - termed 'PE with Joe' - were a regular fixture of the first lockdown implemented back in March 2020.

Every morning, The Body Coach's social media pages would live stream a fitness session for those looking for an early sweat fest. As gyms reopened, the workouts became less frequent - but recent political measures have prompted Wicks to resume his live workouts.

Wicks' workouts will return on January 11th, 2021 - as confirmed on The Body Coach's official Instagram account.Wicks wrote: "PE with Joe is back. Starting Monday the 11th January at 9am on my YouTube channel.

"I am committing to 3 live sessions per week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am (UK time) They will be 20 minutes long and designed for children.

"Please please share this with as many families as you can and let your schools know so they can notify the parents ASAP and we can get as many young children taking part. This is so important for our children’s emotional and mental health. Lots of love, Joe."

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