Leitrim GAA supports call for vaccine roll-out through local pharmacies

Donal O'Grady


Donal O'Grady

Leitrim GAA supports call for vaccine roll-out through local pharmacies

Leitrim GAA Chairman Enda Stenson backs the vaccine campaign

Leitrim GAA is lending its substantial support to the #Bestshot campaign to have the Covid-19 vaccine administered into the community by local pharmacies.

The campaign by the Leitrim Observer and the Iconic Newspaper Group is in direct response to the pandemic raging in Ireland at the moment.

It is calling the government to step up with a vaccine roll out plan that will see the vaccines administered widely in our communities through our local pharmacies.

Chairman of the Leitrim County Board, Enda Stenson said the GAA is fully behind any campaign that would see local pharmacies, health centres and other facilities delivering the vaccines into the community.

"The country is dead on its feet and the quicker this can be done, the better," he said.

He said a delay in getting the vaccine out into the community will have a knock-on effect on the GAA and will push back the National Leagues and affect club arrangements for later in the year.

"We've got to get this up and running and moving straight away and try and get back to some form of normality," Enda told the Observer.

He said it is of paramount importance for the health and wellbeing of young people and young adults to get back training and playing Gaelic games as soon as possible.

"It's their lifeblood. We need to get them out and moving and circulating with their friends. There is so much they are missing out on. It's a terrible time to be young," he said.

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