County Covid breakdown: Leitrim cases remain low

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Covid update:

Leitrim's Covid-19 update

Leitrim continues to have the lowest incidence rate of Covid-19 cases at 524.3 per 100,000.

here were less than five new cases reported in the county and there are 168 active cases in the county over the pas 14 days.

Longford also reported less than five cases and has the second lowest incidence rate in the country at 680.2 with 278 cases over the past fornight.

Sligo has 13 new cases today bringing their 14 day case load to 498. Roscommon has 18 new cases today and now have 572 active cases of Covid.

Cavan has 19 new Coronavirus cases and is dealing with 974 cases over the past two weeks.

Donegal has 90 new reported cases and that brings their total active cases over 14 days to 2,039.

The  5-day moving average is 2,758 and 7-day incidence 447.5

Full county break down: