Woman convicted of littering in Ballinamore

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Carrick-on-Shannon Courthouse

A woman who left rubbish outside her boyfriend’s house which then went missing and was found dumped nearby was convicted of littering at Carrick-on-Shannon District Court.

Alesha Hurlock, Lisnatullagh, Ballinamore, Co Leitrim was convicted of the offence under the Litter Pollution Action which took place on April 21, 2020 at Carrickmakeegan, Ballinamore.

Litter Warden, David McGovern, told the court he found evidence of a cardboard box with the defendant’s name on it and a litter fine of €150 was issued but was not paid.

Alesha Hurlock said she was living in Ballinamore at the time with her then boyfriend but is now living in Enniskillen.
She said there were some boxes outside the property and she was going to bring them to the dump in Enniskillen which doesn’t cost money, but some of the items went missing.

Ms Hurlock said it did not make sense for her to dump them around the corner.

Frank Gearty, solicitor, on behalf of Leitrim County Council, told Ms Hurlock that she as a householder is responsible for looking after her own litter.

“Someone nicked it,” Ms Hurlock replied.

Mr Gearty said she had a responsibility to look after it and not allow it to be taken. He said it should have been put into a bin and not end up on the side of the road.

Judge Kevin Kilrane asked Ms Hurlock if she was living at Lisnatullagh, Ballinamore and she replied that she never lived there, it was her ex boyfriend’s address. She said she had some drum equipment posted there and that was the box with her name on it.

Judge Kilrane questioned why she didn’t have the equipment posted to her address in Enniskillen.

Hearing that she had no previous convictions and is currently on social welfare, he convicted and fined her €50. He told her she should have paid the initial fine and should have made an arrangement to have the material disposed of.

He adjourned the case until May 28 and told Ms Hurlock to pay €200 for costs by that time. If it is not paid, she will have to pay the full amount of €500.