Top tips for a healthier you in the New Year

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Lifestyle Reporter

Top tips for a healthier you in the New Year

Are you sick and tired of feeling, well, sick and tired? Well if you are thinking of working towards a healthier and happier new you in 2017, here are some tips to help get you on the right track.

Get rid of the junk food

There's not point in trying to start a healthier eating plan if your house still has four tins of biscuits and a box of chocolates lurking in the cupboards. Start the year as you mean to go on and get rid of all those tempting sweet treats, frozen ready meals, cakes and crisps. Trying to make better choices will be much easier if temptation isn't there in your kitchen!

Wait it out

Research has shown that most cravings only last for a few minutes so try and take your mind off things by going for a walk, tackling something in the house, ringing a friend - anything but heading to the fridge to eat! Often people eat out of sheer boredom, tackle this by getting up and doing something!

Start slowly

If you are looking at starting an exercise programme and you have any medical concerns, consult your doctor before starting. Remember, improving fitness is an ongoing challenge and you can't go from doing nothing to running 5km in a single week! Start slowly and gradually build up. Walking is an excellent low impact way of building up your fitness and losing weight - aim for 30 minutes a day and you'll find you'll be well on your way to a healthier new you.

Join a class

If you find you lack motivation by yourself, then join up with friends or, join a fitness class. It really is an excellent way to get fit and also enjoy a social outlet as well. Not only will being part of a group ensure that you have plenty of motivation to continue your diet/fitness plan, it will also help keep your mental health in check as well.

Ditch the scales

Scales are the bane of every dieter's existence and for good reason. Ditch the scales and judge your improvements instead by how much more exercise you are able to do without feeling tired or how your clothes fit instead. Remember getting fit also means building muscle, so scales can often make you feel like you aren't succeeding in your goals because it can't differentiate between fat and muscle.