Have the best brows in town with M2Beauté

Leitrim lifestyle reporter


Leitrim lifestyle reporter

Have the best brows in town with M2Beauté

Top image is before and bottom is after 14 weeks using M2Beaute eyelash and eyebrow serum

Whether you want thin or bushy, fair or dark, your brows are the framing feature for your whole face.

They can make or break your look and well-groomed brows give the face shape and definition while highlighting your best features.

Brows not only act as a barrier for dirt and bacteria entering your eyes they also add definition. Whether you pluck, wax, thread, or tint almost everyone is eyebrow obsessed with beautiful brows right now.

Why do your eyebrows look a bit rough? Well there are several possible reasons. One of the most likely is that you are not shaping them properly. In order to shape your brows perfectly ensure you are not making the following mistakes.

A.    Over plucking in between the brow. No one wants a unibrow but over plucking this area disturbs the proportions of your face. The rule to follow here is to have the inside edges of your brows line up with the outer bridge of your nose. Use a brush or pencil to be sure.

B.     Over or under tweezing the ends. To make sure they extend to the right area take a pencil and line it up from the corner of the eye to the nose. If the tip of the brow touches the edge, it’s the perfect length.

C.   Not following the natural arch. Instead of trying to create an arch where it doesn’t exist, enhance the one you do have. Take a highlighter pencil and trace the top side of the brows and the same on the bottom to see if they line up.

For those with thin, fair or sparse brows there are so many products on the market to help enhance the brow. For example there are gels, liquid liners, pencils and eyeshadow. So many options but perhaps you want to avoid having to do this whole rigmarole every morning.

Instead of taking time from your morning routine to fill in your brows everyday, you can always try a serum to naturally enhance your brows.  M2Beaute are leading the way with their innovative renewing serum.

This serum uses contemporary technology and is scientifically proven to fill in the gaps, lengthen and strengthen the hairs and give the brows an overall healthy look. The use of Black Sea Rod Oil makes brows darker, thicker while the hyaluronic acid makes them more supple.

M2Beaute products are available here.