Value your health and protect it

Fr Brian D'Arcy

Fr Brian D’Arcy C.P


Fr Brian D’Arcy C.P

Value your health and protect it

Fr Brian D'Arcy is supporting the free seminar Leitrim's Health Is Wealth, May 3 in the Bush Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon.

There’s always great wisdom in the proverbs and sayings of former generations. They were close to the earth and they had an acute awareness of the value and the beauty of nature.

They believed, “Your health is your wealth.” And they had wonderful sayings to remind how tenuous our attachment to this earth is.

In Fermanagh and Leitrim it’s often put like this: “When you put on your own boots in the morning, you’ll never know who’ll take them off before nightfall.”

That’s why I am so glad that the Leitrim’s Health is Wealth Seminar is taking place in Carrick-on-Shannon on the May 3. It should help people to have a deeper appreciation of nature and most of all to eat healthy organic food from the land.

In ancient Celtic times they believed that, “Nature is God’s First Scripture.” In other words God speaks to us most plainly through the events of nature. That means we value our health, protect it, and should never do anything which would unnecessarily endanger good health.  That includes taking proper care of your body, driving with care, making sure not to harm your body with drugs or anything which upsets the rhythms of nature.

I wish everyone taking part every blessing and I know from experience that sharing tips for inspirational living forms the foundation of respect for life and health. I am convinced it will lead to a happier and healthier life for those who participate.

Slainte, Fr Brian D’Arcy C.P