Don't succumb to road rage: 5 tips to handle traffic stress

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

With more cars than ever on our roads and traffic bottlenecks occuring in many towns and villages as a result, it can be all too easy to succumb to road rage. RESCUE PLUS® Lozenge has 5 top tips to help you reach your destination feeling calm and composed.

1. Breathe a deep breath in, exhale and repeat.  A few deep calming breaths will help you to feel more settled. Neil Shah, from the Stress Management Society claims that “it might sound fluffy, but deep breathing works wonders on relaxing your mind and helps create a moment of calm.”

2. Be positive: heavy traffic can be a frustrating experience that causes us to think about all the tasks that we aren’t getting to whilst we are stuck in a jam. Instead, try to think of it as a welcome break and an opportunity to listen to your favourite radio station or podcast.

3. Get over it: you are likely to experience a flash of annoyance if another driver cuts you off for example. Acknowledge your irritation and then move on to the next moment in your day. This will allow you to appreciate your frustration without having it turn into an episode of road rage.

4. Calm anxious thoughts: if you start to feel worried about being late and the consequences this may have on your day, approach it with the same mindful approach as frustration. Accept the feeling and then let it go. Focus on your present moment by taking note of what is happening around you, the feeling of your foot on the accelerator, the sight of other cars and the noises of beeping horns and engines.

5. Smile: Seeing the humour in a situation is a great stress reliever! Research has suggested that even by faking it, going through the motions of a smile can reduce the intensity of your body’s stress response.