The 10 things you won't be hearing in Leitrim this week

Lifestyle Reporter


Lifestyle Reporter

Cold day ahead

Time to get the hat, gloves and scarf out!

So it's going to be cold this week folks, very, very cold. Not, you know, apocalyptic-levels of freezing, but a bit, well, baltic.

With that in mind here's 10 things you definitely won't hear in Leitrim this week:

1. No bother at all coming in to work today. The roads were perfect.

2. If only we could have more snow.....

3. Nah, save that salt there for the National Roads, we're fine.

4. Thank God for Met Éireann, their forecasts always cheer me up.

5. There was a fella in front of me driving at 10km an hour on the way to work today. Aren't careful drivers great.

6. It's not safe to drive. Not to worry, I'll just get the bus to work so.

7. The roads are impassable? No problem, I'll work from home, the broadband's amazing.

8. Of course I filled the car with Diesel/Petrol before the bad weather.

9. It's ok, I ordered that top up of heating oil last week, we've loads, turn the boiler up to 35C there Mary.

10. God did you hear about the snow in will they cope... the poor creatures.