Stuck for something to keep yourself occupied while the snow continues to fall? Here you go!

Lifestyle Reporter


Lifestyle Reporter

Stuck for something to keep yourself occupied while the snow continues to fall? Here you go!

As fantastic as it is to have a fresh fall of snow.... for the about five minutes, then what do you do with yourself?

Well here you go, our alternative bucket list for the coming snow days.

You're welcome.

1. Put your dog outside (for a short time only thanks)

Ok, this is not recommended if your dog is the size of a handbag but otherwise, dogs genuinely seem to lose the run of themselves when they see snow, which is pretty hilarious all round. The dog's happy, your faith in humanity is restored and it will get your children to focus on something other than you helping them make snowman number 50.

2. Make snowmen which resemble famous people

Speaking of....Making the traditional snowman with the hat, stick arms and carrot nose - bah! That's for amateurs. How about making the entire snow-cast from the Avengers or you know, the Healy Rae Family. Hours of fun for everyone! Remember, never eat a full dinner and drive #dannysaidso

3. Mix a bottle of water with yellow food dye 

Get a bottle of water and a few drops of yellow food dye and voila - the perfect weapon for offending just about everyone you know....remember, never eat yellow snow!!!

4. Wear that ski jacket and rejoice

Ah yes, now you can wear that ridiculous ski jacket that you purchased four years ago on the off chance you'd head for the Italian alps. Dig it out and wear it with pride - you no longer look like a total idiot. Hooray! You knew this day would come. Draw the line at the ski pants though, no really, that's just stupid.

5. Walk around saying 'Grand day isn't it'

Don't be sucked in to the misery that is the usual conversation about the Irish weather. Steel yourself, be brave and annoy those who insist that they've 'never seen the like of all this snow' by happily motoring about the office insisting 'Grand day isn't it!". That'll teach them, the whingers.

6. Stage your own impromptu version of the Winter Olympics

So you can't drive your car up the driveway because of the accumulation of ice/snow but you have 12 bags of shopping to get inside and 4 starving children ready to kill each other? Fantastic! Lucky you! Here's your chance to shine in your own impromptu version of the Winter Olympics.... really you can cover all the best events in a short period of time:

The slalom: Attempting to zig zag shuffle up the tarmacadam in the sad belief you won't take a tumble. Fab cardio workout.

Curling: Kicking the 2L of milk in front of you up the drive way after the shopping bag lets you down. Great fun guaranteed.

Cross-country skiing: Jumping the front fence and heading off across the lawn because you think you'll avoid the ice on the driveway - only to find out the drifts are about knee high near the septic tank. Your children won't save you but they will shout words of abuse/encouragement from the warmth of the sitting room. Bless their little hearts.

Tobogganing: If you're truly lucky you'll get to try tobogganing - when you fall flat on your face and slide to the bottom of the drive way at speed, followed by the 2L container of milk and possibly one of your children. This will probably happen when you are within arms-reach of the front door. Fun times.

Ice skating: Pretty self explanatory really. If you can manage it, conduct your own triple axle, tuck with a cartwheel finish with the shopping bags still attached. Extra points if you can stick the landing.

Mounting the winners podium: That feeling you get when you figure out how to open the front door with your teeth because you've no circulation left in your arms from carrying 10 bags of shopping at once. To everyone else you look like a snow-covered homicidal maniac, but inside you're champion of the world!!