Bread stockpiling, snow pics and more - Twitter coverage of the #BeastFromTheEast

Lifestyle reporter


Lifestyle reporter

Bread stockpiling, snow pics and why everyone should just head for The West: Twitter observations on the  #BeastFromTheEast

Bread supplies, huskies and Room to Improve..... #sneachtageddon

So twitter has exploded with photos, quotes and quips following the arrival of #StormEmma and #TheBeastFromTheEast. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Finally somebody delighted to see the snow! Meet Meeko, the most adorable husky pup ever out enjoying the weather with his human friend, Edwina.

2. It's Christmas again - but just for one day!

3. But will they like the kitchen? 

Next week Dermot upgrades an igloo for a newly married Inuit couple and lets in more natural light to create an open space aesthetic ! #RoomToImprove #BeastFromTheEast

— GERARD REILLY (@GERARDREILLY4) February 26, 2018

4. Don't worry about us here in the West, we're all fine thanks 

5. And so it begins in Leitrim.....

6. Finally, we find out what everyone's doing with all that bread.....

7. In all fairness this seems like a pretty good deal

8. The struggle of the second born child is very real.....#anyoneForALoafOfBread

9. People are going to extremes trying to source bread...

10. Well it was only a matter of time before the rest of the country copped on about the best place to live!