Is your dog's bowl making your furry friend sick?

Lifestyle Reporter


Lifestyle Reporter

Is your dog's bowl making your furry friend sick?

Did you know that your dog's bowl has got more germs than most surfaces in your home? Even if you wash it every day, and that includes a hot wash in the dishwasher, 67% of salmonella germs and other nasties will stubbornly cling to an ordinary dog bowl.

Enter the antimicrobial HERO Bowl, just pre-launched on Indiegogo as a reward based crowdfunding campaign. It is made from some seriously clever proven* tech, that prevents the build-up of up to 99.9% of microbes, including bacteria, mould and fungi.

Germs can fester and contaminate your pet's food and water, potentially harming anyone, human or animal that touches it, especially curious little people keen to stick their hands in the dog's food or water bowl.

The HERO bowl will protect you and your family from picking up germs and potentially harmful bacteria that can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and stomach upsets in dogs and humans.

The beauty of the innovative HERO Bowl is that its protective properties never wear out, and that includes its ability to stop the build up of stains and odours, even if it's cracked, chipped or chewed.  That's one less thing to worry when looking after your loved ones (including the four-legged ones) from the germs and viruses that lurk on surfaces on your home.

The HERO Bowl prevents cross contamination especially useful for families with young children and homes with more than one dog. It is ideal for communal use such as vet surgeries, cafes, pubs and restaurants, grooming salons, animal rescue centres.  

The HERO Bowl has been created by the multi-award-winning pet care company HOWND in partnership with BioCote® - the market leading antimicrobial technology supplier. Available in a range of contemporary matt colours in two sizes the bowl is ergonomically designed with a non-slip base and is dishwasher safe.

The material used to make the bowl is made from polypropylene and is recyclable.

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