A stylish clothes airing solution - The Laundry Ladder

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

A stylish close airing solution - The Laundry Ladder

The laundry ladder

The Laundry Ladder is an elegant, clothes airer with a modern twist on the old fashioned ceiling airer.

Available in two widths the Laundry Ladder is simply hung on brackets allowing it to be left in situ, taken down for storage, moved from one room to another or even moved outside in nice weather.

The simple pulley system lowers and raises the front arm with ease, even when loaded with wet washing.

The Laundry Ladder comes in natural finish or painted white and is made using pine from sustainable sources.

Dimensions 113x60x12.5 and 113x80x12.5cm. Extra sets of brackets are available.

Laundry Ladder is available from Julu's website: www.juluhome.co.uk