So, IT fraudsters decided to call a Leitrim Garda Station....

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

So, IT fraudsters  decided to call  a Leitrim Garda Station....

One con artist got a bit of a shock this week.

They are the bane of everyone's lives at the moment, the IT fraudsters who claim to be calling from a well known computer software manufacturer, telling you that your computer "is at risk" and, TBTG, they are the only one's capable of saving the day.

These con artists are invariably ringing from a foreign country and yet, even though they don't know your name or where you live, they attempt a rather pathetic spiel about how they know your computer - intimately!

Well it seems one of these con-artists met his match this week when he made his call. Much to his surprise he discovered he had actually contacted Carrick-on-Shannon Garda Station.

According to the Sligo-Leitrim Gardai Facebook page noted: "You can imagine our shock today when a well-known I.T. Company’s tech support team rang our public office in Carrick on Shannon to tell us that our “computer was at risk”. The helpful tech support worker told us all the steps we needed to do to fix this “serious security risk”.

"Strangely, the call ended with a dramatic “OHHHH” when we informed them they had rang a Garda Station! We hope that means our computer is no longer at risk!?"

The gardai went on to issue the following warning to the public:
▪ DO: Be wary of unsolicited calls which appear to come from reputable companies.  
▪ If in doubt DO: tell them you will call them back via the officially listed contact number on the company’s website.  
▪ DO NOT: give out any personal data over the phone to anyone.  
▪ DO: Remember, banks will not ask for your full bank account/card details over the phone.  
▪ DO: Remember, banks will not e-mail you seeking your full details either.