How to get the best bargains in the post-Christmas sales

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

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Top tips for the post-Christmas sales

With Christmas over, retailers are doing what they can to lighten their stock levels, which means tons of savings opportunities for savvy shoppers. This magical span of time right after Christmas can bring some of the best deal’s you’ll find all year long, so use the following five tips to take advantage of these special sales.

Shop for Next Year’s Special Occasions

Keep an eye out for Christmas-related items that have hit the clearance rack – from sequins to velvet. Party looks don’t date and can often be 50% off at this time of the year. Occasion-wear doesn’t really date so if you have a communion, wedding, confirmation or any other occasion coming up – shop now and grab a deal.

Check out Sale previews

The best things and sale highlights will be in sale previews to tempt you to shop– the key is to get on the mailing list of your favourite boutiques and online stores so that you receive their early VIP preview email. You get the best, first. Likewise, Instagram and Facebook pages of your favourite retailers are a great way to find out about deals and promotions. Retailers will often reward customers who like or follow them with special alerts to sale discounts and incentives.

Will it actually suit your body shape?

We've all been there - you see a picture of Bella Hadid wearing something and so you head to the changing room to try on a similar look. But are you dressing for your shape, rather than Bella's? It is worth spending some time assessing your shape, making a note of the size, colour and fabric you love and then looking for these specific things on sale rather than walking in blindly.

Can you picture wearing it with three other items in your wardrobe?

Don't buy anything if it involves needing to buy other items. If a piece is right, then it should automatically work with your existing pieces, otherwise it'll end up dormant in your wardrobe

Consider your needs

Think about how often you wear work clothes, casual clothes and occasion clothes. If you wear casual clothes 5 days a week, don’t be tempted by that tailored trouser suit even if it is a bargain.

Ensure changing room ease

Wear a loose dress, nude underwear, slip-on trainers, and a cross-body bag so you’re hands-free for rummaging.