So what are the top fitness trends we'll be seeing in 2019?

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

So what are the top fitness trends we'll be seeing in 2019?

The top fitness trends for 2019

Fitness mindfulness, exercise based on your genetic profile and live-streaming of fitness classes. Here are the top 10 fitness trends predicted for 2019.

A HIIT evolution
HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training, has become the go to training for challenging and time effective workouts. Get set for a further evolution of the traditional format with even more focused, shorter workouts designed to appeal to the time poor among us who want to make the most of the short periods we have available to train.

Wearable fitness
Nearly every second person owns some form of fitness tracker, but the latest models have evolved to be much more user friendly. Most good trackers offer ways to track food and water consumption as well as exercise, steps, calories burned, heart rate and even sleeping patterns.
Some of the latest models also take this one step further with links to interactive workouts and much more accurate recording of activity levels. The compatibility of trackers with other technology such as phones, tablets etc, has come along in leaps and bounds and the services/options offered will only increase as technology improves.

Mindful exercise
Mindfulness has become even more important and a lot of us are guilty of robotically jogging on treadmills or hitting cross-trainers for hours on end, with little to show for all our work.
Mindful exercise is all about being present in the moment. About thinking about what you hope to achieve and focusing on correct form rather than high reps.

Genetic fitness
The idea of finding out your level of genetic 'fitness' has certainly taken off in the USA and there are now companies in the UK offering services which compile your 'wellness DNA profile'.
This is then used to design a personalised diet and activity plan with 'genetically guided training and meal planning'.
The tests are pricey but they may prove beneficial for anyone who wants to take their fitness to the next level, seek out ways to prevent injuries, or even just better understand how their body works.

Social media Fit Feed
There was a time when all we had to fear from social media were over-enthusiastic new parents flooding our feeds with photos of their offspring or random chain mails promising luck/love/money or all of the above.
Now we have Fit Feeds to cheer us up. Brace yourself for an onslaught of social media sharing - complete with inspirational hashtags like #fitgoals or #winningit. Most wearable technology has a sideline in social media interaction for users, this will definitely escalate this year.
Publicly posting your goals does make you more accountable and the support of social media groups can be crucial for those who can't avail of group training, but beware, we don't need to know every single detail of your fitness journey. Keep it brief!

Virtual training fitness equipment
Leading the way is this sector is Peleton with their, albeit, very pricey, spin bike and accompanying virtual training class subscriptions.
Keep your eye out for the Peleton Tread which, according to the selling-point, “offers total body training at the tap of a screen”.
Peleton Tread has a treadmill for running/walking training, but also incorporates floor exercises as part of the workout.
This is ideal technology if you can't work around gym opening hours, but very costly, so you must be committed to using the equipment regularly.

Holistic health
We're finally seeing an end to the 'exercise and eat what you want' mentality. This year prepare to see more books, classes and videos outlining the need for a more holistic approach to health and fitness.
People will look more closely at their diet as they strive to reach their fitness goals and there will also be an increase in cross training with more emphasis on stretching and relaxation as well as cardio and weights.

Fitness for older people
Long the forgotten group when it comes to many gyms. This year will see more and more health classes aimed at older people wanting to get back to exercising. Previously many gyms were hesitant to offer specialised workouts because of fears of injuries and a lack of general interest, however more and more people are finding that exercise, especially for the elderly, has huge benefits - physically and mentally.

Live-streaming workouts
As more and more gyms get on board with technology in 2019 you will see many more offering live streaming to clients who can then complete the workout in their own home.
This also helps to reduce overcrowding in popular classes.