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Teething is not a myth - it is a full on nightmare

Fiona Heavey


Fiona Heavey


Leitrim Mammy Diaries:Teething is not a myth  - it is a full on nightmare

Teething is not a myth - it is a full on nightmare

Is teething a myth? As a parent, teething can oftentimes be an easy answer to why your baby/ toddler is being a total pain in the ass for no obvious reason.

“No she never cries unless she is teething” - swap the word cry for scream, throw a tantrum, spit out food, kick, bite, and turn into a drooling gremlin - and you get the idea - teething gets blamed for a lot.

But according to dentists and expert pediatricians teething is a myth - not like the legendary monster Dobhar-chú in Glenade, but a funny made up story that you and your family must survive through for about two and a half years.
The experts say “Children will get around 20 viral infections in their early years as well as 20 teeth” and the link between the two is purely co-incidental.... Co-incidental.

The experts tell us teething is not painful, does not cause diarrhoea or fever, loss of appetite, drooling or irritability and that babies chew on their fingers and toys to explore the world through their senses, nothing at all to do with tooth eruption...
But despite the experts' years of education and experience in the medical field, I must abhorrently disagree.

Teething is not a myth, it is a full on nightmare - one that destroys lives for weeks, disappears when a tooth protrudes and lures you into a falsehood of happiness only to smash your chances of sleep over and over again.

We didn't walk the creaky floorboards for nights, spend a fortune on Bongela, teething granules, Calpol and magic potions; clean up nappy explosions and spend days checking temperatures just to keep up the appearances of an extravagant lie - teething is so very real.

Okay, sometimes your baby is being unreasonable and not sleeping and whinging because of a viral infection or upset tummy; but other times their mouths really are exploding with heat, they will chew on anything for relief and they go through ten bibs an hour with so much drool.

We still have over a year yet to endure the teething episodes, our 16-month-old has eight fine tooth structures in his mouth. Each one is like medal we earned for a hard fought battle. Each tooth has a story; such as a 4am car drive to Keshcarrigan or a 1am baby bath in the kitchen sink.
It is a battle that we wear on our faces as we make the playschool run, try not fall asleep at work and try to make reasonable conversation to other adults. And each night we await the summons to war - the scream on the baby monitor and then the battle dance starts all over again.

I know we will make it through it, coming out the other side looking a little bit more worn and wrinkled with a new love for midnight feasts and an appreciation for the soothing voice of Peppa Pig on repeat!

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