New Year's resolutions for your career

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

New Year's resolutions for your career

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Most of us spend a significant amount of our lives at work and with ever increasing pressures sometimes our job can take a serious toll our our family life and health. If you are thinking of making some changes for 2020, why not look at your work-life balance? 

Here are some suggestions for the New Year:

1. Be Productive

We all like to think we work hard but what's the reality? If you want to achieve a happier work-life balance get organised at work. Spend a few minutes each morning putting together your to-do list for the day and work through it, prioritising what is important - not just tackling the easy items first! For a few weeks note how many times you are taking smoking breaks or up chatting to colleagues - you may be surprised by how much time your are wasting. While it's great to take a 5 minute break, be aware you'll have to make that time up somewhere and no one wants work time eating into our personal lives.

2. Say no!

It's very easy to get trapped as the 'go to' person in the office who can be relied on to take up the slack if others aren't pulling their weight. It is ok to say 'no' to more work, but only if you can show you are already doing your share. Be prepared to show your boss what work you are already undertaking and why you can't take on more responsibility. Be firm, but professional and polite. Maybe your boss doesn't realise the sheer amount of work you are already doing. By constantly taking on more work, you may be giving them the message that you simply aren't busy enough!

3. Be proactive

Not everyone is lucky enough to work in a job they love. If you really can't stand your job then do something positive to change your situation, don't just moan constantly about it! Take on additional training to get the job of your dreams, volunteer in an area which will help you network for your ideal job or simply update your CV and start applying for the jobs you want. Be proactive.

4. Upskill

It's no longer enough to get skills, secure a job and then just work away at it for 20 or 30 years anymore. If you want a promotion or pay increase you have to be prepared to upskill and take on more responsibility. Long-service is never a valid reason for promotion - nor should it be! 

5. Don't get involved in the drama

Easier said than done but this year resolve not to get involved in workplace drama. Focus on your life and your job and let those who have little better to do, spend their time moaning and complaining about work. You'll feel better and you'll get more done if you ignore this sort of negativity.

6. Take care of yourself

Burnout is something which is affecting more and more workplaces. In 2019 resolve to set time apart for looking after your health. Don't skip lunch to cram in more work. Exercise, sleep, nutrition, and stress management are career success enablers. You need to be at your best personally to perform at your best professionally.