73% of Love Island Viewers prefer the Summer series to Winter Love Island with 61% saying it sets impossible physical goals

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Love Island returns to Virgin Media Television next week

Love Island contestants from last year.

A New iReach survey reveals that while the majority (68%) of previous Love Island viewers are currently tuning into Winter Love Island, 73%  prefer the Summer to the Winter series. 

Winter Love island is significantly more popular with those aged between 18-24 with 39% of that entire population tuning in (in comparison to the 16% of the overall population who tune in).
61% of viewers agreed (35% strongly) that the show sets impossible physical goals. Over half of male viewers (53%) strongly agreed with this statement, in comparison to just over a quarter (27%) of female viewers who strongly agreed. Due to these impossible physical goals, almost half (48%) of viewers were left questioning their own physical appearance after watching Love Island. This figure was significantly higher (60%) among 25-29 year-olds.
Furthermore, from those that had questioned their appearance from watching Love Island, 77% were influenced to make a change to their physical appearance.
Men were influenced slightly more (86% of men) than women (72% of women) to make this change in their appearance.
50% of viewers were influenced to make a change by naturally changing their body (eg. weight loss/ gain, toning etc.), in comparison to the 7% who chose to undergo cosmetic procedures to change their appearance.