COLUMN: Zone your home with amazing area rugs

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Louise Higgins


Louise Higgins

COLUMN: Zone your home with amazing area rugs

Living Room - Hana Jewel Hand Tufted Rug from Aspire Design

Area rugs are an excellent idea to help zone areas in your home, and this week I thought I would share some of the stunning rugs in our rug collection from Villa Nova.
This eye-catching collection of rugs has been created in collaboration with renowned rug makers Louis de Poortere. The Villa Nova brand has a philosophy for creating stylish fabrics, wallcoverings and accessories for modern living and these superb rugs are the perfect addition to their interiors brand.
When choosing a rug there are two options available from this rug range - the flat weave rug or the hand tufted rug. Here is a little overview of the differences between the two.

Flat Weave Rugs
These flat weave rugs are woven with soft chenille. The flat weave collection incorporates subtle variations of colour and interesting textures. Using intricate woven details, these rugs perfectly capture the essence of the original Villa Nova fabric. The flat weave rugs are available in sizes small, medium and large with special orders for XL and XXL available on request. Ideal locations for the flat weave rugs are bedrooms (either a large rug placed under the bed to help anchor the space or a small rug beside the bed for warmth underfoot), dining rooms (they can create a real wow statement when placed in a formal dining setting under the dining table) or living rooms.

Hand Tufted Rugs
Hand tufted rugs are, by their nature, thicker in depth and have a rich, deep, luxurious pile that is comfortable and sumptuous underfoot. Hand tufted rugs are perfect for living rooms where you want to make a luxurious design statement. The Villa Nova hand tufted rug collection introduces warmth, luxury and statement design to any home. They are available in sizes medium and large with special orders for sizes XL and XXL.
Here is a glimpse at some of my favourite rugs from this stunning collection:

Akina Rugs
Featuring a stunning, oversized floral design with linear detailing, the Akina Rug has a beautiful wash of colour that echoes the style of a batik fabric. Woven with soft, cotton chenille, subtle variations in tone give this statement rug a casual, time-worn appearance. Available in two colourways.

Tobi Rugs
A characterful flat weave rug combining cotton chenille and wool yarns, featuring a contemporary geometric pattern that takes influence from traditional folk textiles. Available in four colourways.

Marit Rugs
A folk art inspired pattern with a modern twist, the Marit design was originally created using irregular hand painted marks. Intricately woven with subtly textured, cotton chenille yarns, the Marit rug perfectly captures the handcrafted aesthetic of the original artwork. Available in five colourways.

Sudare Rugs
Inspired by Japanese artisan lattice work, this distressed geometric pattern is woven with soft chenille creating interesting textural details. Available in three colourways.

Haldon Rugs
A bold, geometric, hand tufted rug that has a luxurious texture and feel, incorporating subtly contrasting lush viscose and wool yarns. Available in four colourways.

Hana Rugs
A sumptuous, hand tufted pure wool rug adorned with trailing wisteria with bursts of blossoming flowers, the Hana rug blends soft and rich tones creating an eye-catching focal point to a room. Available in three colourways.

You can view our extensive rug collection through our online shop at or if you have any queries please drop me an email and I will be happy to help. In addition, many of these rugs have complementary fabrics for curtains and upholstery to help complete your room.

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