Connacht goes new age as 40% turn to yoga and mindfulness in recent months

Leitrim Observer Reporter


Leitrim Observer Reporter

Yoga to aid Nepal

A new survey of more than 2000 Irish adults has revealed Connacht’s new found love affair of yoga and mindfulness, with 40% having an increased interest in the activities as a way to keep fit and stay mentally positive in recent months.

The survey, undertaken by One Poll and commissioned by Samsung, looked at how people were spending their time over the past few months and how their relationship with technology has become even more important in their day to day lives.

Yoga for the masses

Since restrictions were introduced earlier this year, half (50%) of Connacht dedicated more time to their wellbeing through forms of exercise. Yoga appealed to men across the country which saw an increase of 318% taking up the leading wellbeing exercise, with a 33% increase for   women introducing it into their routine. For those that are new to mindfulness, the free Samsung Health app has a dedicated “Mindfulness” section, which gives users the opportunity to relax the body, mind and soul. Including powerful meditation tools that help relieve stress throughout your day, the Samsung Health app’s tailored content allows users to get the most out of mindfulness in their daily routines. Along with Yoga, running and walking were the three most popular hobbies.

Technology’s Role is Key 

Technology has also played a key role in getting people in Connacht active with a quarter (25%) of Connacht people surveyed now tracking step counts more than they were at the start of the year. 17% of the respondents in Connacht tracked all their health data on their smartphone while 10% opted to use their smart watch to track their fitness over the same period. 

Let’s Take This Online

It’s no surprise that online fitness classes have become extremely popular in recent times, with 12% of people in Connacht tuning in via their smartphones, while another 12% tried the new routines on their device.

Upping The Exercise Ante

With more free time on everyone’s hands, the country has used this to their advantage with an increase in time exercised every week. Before March this year, respondents on average were doing 3 hours and 57 minutes of exercise per week, which has increased by 12% to 4 hours and 25 minutes. This increase has largely been driven by women, as they have increased their weekly time spent exercising by 19%, adding an impressive extra 41 minutes of exercise into their usual routines. Men have also seen an increase, and while not as impressive as their female counterparts, they have added 14 minutes to their weekly exercise.

Despite embarking upon new fitness regimes while being pushed outside of comfort zones, 24% of people in Connacht are surprisingly feeling more motivated to exercise now than they did before the restrictions were introduced. 34% intend to continue to exercise at home. A quarter (25%) of all respondents in Connacht feel more confident working out at home than they did previously in the gym or outside. While the future of fitness remains to be seen, the statistics prove that there is an appetite for exercise, be it using at home workouts and or getting back to the gym.